"Mi Tia"

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The Painting

Today we’re looking at a beautiful work by Mexican master, Rafael Coronel. As you can see, it’s a relatively simple piece.

What I really like about the work is that he creates this beautiful atmospheric background in pastel. If we take away the elements of drawing, you see a very abstract, atmospheric field. And then onto that field, with a real economy of line, he creates (in pen and ink), this wonderful drawing.

Arte Mexicano - Leagcy of the Masters

The side of the hat is created with just one line - while the hands are quite detailed. So we have the juxtaposition of this very atmospheric, abstract background, with this very precise line – but a real economic way of using the line to create a beautiful piece with excellent structure and form.

The work is from a terrific period – 1969, and was recently featured in a museum show at the Crocker Museum for Mexican masters. The show started in October 2014 and ended in February 2015 - it was called "Arte Mexicano - Legacy of the Masters".