Armando Morales

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Today we’re looking at a really wonderful lithograph by Armando Morales. Armando Morales, you may know is the great Nicaraguan painter.

This is a really wonderful lithograph. Armando Morales did very few lithographs. This one is from 1979. From 1979 to 1982 there were maybe 10 or 11 lithographs. Then maybe 7 or 8 after that.

This one is obviously a female nude in a landscape. But what is really interesting about the piece is the way that the hills and the plains are echoed by the woman’s body – the woman becomes an essential part of the landscape.

The nude is dark and mystical. In the top right corner of the piece is a suggestion of a tunnel, which is very enigmatic and works very well with the piece.

The work is in very good condition. It’s an edition of 75, signed by the artist in the lower left hand corner – and is dated 1979.