Alejandro Santiago 2000

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This is an oil painting from 2000, by Alejadro Santiago. It’s got all the wonderful iconic images that you traditionally look for in an Alejandro Santiago work, but also has some subtle, and not so subtle differences.

There’s a wonderful drama between the two figures – in the middle left and top right corner of the piece. Both figures are facing out from the canvas and not looking at each other.

I think what makes this piece particularly interesting though is the use of color – and the balance between the figures in the foreground and the background - what I mean by that is that the central figures are created with a dark, rich, and full pigment, while the background is very subtle and soft – like a beautiful stucco wall that’s been oxidized for many years.

The piece has a strong balance in terms of its composition. The way it has this black area (in the top left corner) that has a lot of activity and texture, in contrast with the flatter red area in the top right corner - so our eye is drawn to the central figures but then is pushed out towards the outer edges of the canvas.

As I said, it was painted in 2000, which puts it right in the middle of Alejandro's best years – which started in 1990 and finished in 2007.